USA Football
2019 Cheer Fee's

Cheer Registration Cost:

$125 ( $75 due at sign ups with a $50 Raffle ticket option)

CHEER UNIFORMS: Total cost will be $145. Returning cheerleaders need not buy items they already have EXCEPT POM POMS. Price break down is as follows:

Top, Skirt, bloomers, socks, and bows- $98

Pom Poms- $13

Chair- $7

Back Pack- $16

Campt T-shirt- $10

Shoes must be white and can be purchased wherever you prefer.

CHEER CAMP- Will be held on July 20th in conjuction with the football camp. It will be at the Red Oak Middle School Gym. The cost will be $25 if registered for the 2019 season and $30 if not registered.

Additional Season cost may include:
Pink out October if the team chosese to do pink socks or bows
Homecoming: teams may chose to make mums for each girl to wear and take pictures before the games with the football players.

Practices and Games

Practices and games are very important. If cheerleaders do not attend practice they will not know the cheers and will not be able to keep up with the other cheerleaders at the games. ATTENDANCE IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! The coach has the right to sit a cheerleader out at half time of the next scheduled game if the the cheerleader doesn't make it to at least one practice or if the coach has made a particular day MANDATORY.

Practice is normally two nights a week throughout the season. The individual team coaches may schedule additional practices.  Also, it is important that your cheerleader be at practice and games on time and stay till the end of practice and/or games!!! If you must miss practice and/or a game for any reason you must call the Team Mom or Coach as soon as possible.  Coaches are NOT your babysitters.  If you need to drop your child off at practice or at a game you must clear it with the Coach before doing so.  Coaches are not responsible for staying after practice or games because you are late picking up your cheerleader.  The coach has the right to take any cheerleader to the Red Oak Police Department if she/he is not picked up within 15 minutes after practice has ended.


ROPWFA Cheer strives to offer best recreation cheer program in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that is modeled after successful competitive programs at a fraction of the cost, less travel and no stressful try-outs.  The program is open to all girls 4 years old to 12 years old and all girls that register are placed on teams.

Our program intent is to help the girls develop self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills while working on improving their individual cheerleading techniques