USA Football
Frequently Asked Questions
Posted Apr 6, 2016

What league does ROPWFA reside in?

ROPWFA resides in the Brazos Valley Football Association (BVFA)

What age divisions are available for cheer and football?

Football: Based on rules within the BVFA a player is put in the division of his/her grade as of Sept 1st  of the current year.  Flag begins at age 4. NO EXCEPTIONS

Red Oak offers teams in each of these divisions:

FLAG (4-5 yr olds cannot be in 1st grade),

1st/2nd Grader

3rd Grade

4th Grade 

5th Grade

6th Grade

Cheer: Although we would love to offer cheer squads for every team in every division,  that is not always  feasible. Competitive cheer has made it very difficult to do this. Your cheerleader may be combined to cheer for different teams and divisions.

Can I request a team?

You can certainly request a team, however that does not guarantee that your child will be placed on that specific team. There are various factors that come into play when selecting teams. Number of participants, returning players,draft and coaches are all factors that must be taken into account when making teams.

If you would like to request a team, please do so on the day you sign up. Requests will not be taken after that.

How do I sign up to coach?

When you sign up your participant, please state that you want to be a coach. Those Board Members present will make sure to notate that on your form and gather your information. Based on the number of participants and returning coaches a decision will be made and you will be contacted if you are chosen as a coach. Please note that a background check must be done, USA Football Certification must be completed and a Coaches Code of Conduct Contract must be signed to be eligible to coach.

Can I get a refund?

No. Once registration is paid there are NO REFUNDS. We understand there are situations that will prevent your child from playing ( broken limb,medical and family relocation) and we will hear those requests on a case by case basis. Your child deciding he/she doesn't want to play or disdain for the coach(es) or league decisions will not be considered for refund. Please note that the registration form you signed clearly states this and can be upheld in court.

How do I file a complaint against someone/something within the league?

The Board of Directors want to and will hear your complaints. We ask that you follow the chain of command first. If this is a team issue, please start with your coach or team mom.  If they cannot resolve the issue, you should contact  your particular division director.  If the issue is still not resolved, you will contact the HEAD Cheer/Football Director.  The Board will not hear cases for team issuses unless the chain of command has been properly followed.  Any other issues should be directed to the league President or Vice President.

All Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be "OPEN" meetings for the first 30 minutes. Any concerns, issues, etc. must be submitted prior to the meeting, and be added to the agenda before being addressed at the meeting.  Please contact the league Secretary to be added to the agenda.